The Assistive Technology Program enables persons with disabilities to become more independent through the use of assistive technology. Our services provide access to assistive technology devices like Wheelchairs, White Canes, Text Mobile Phones and repairing as well as health and wellness programs. Through these services, participants are more likely to become active members of our community. Till now Milestone has distributed thousands of Wheelchairs, White Canes and Text Mobile Phones as well amongst persons with disabilities.

Accessible Exercise Servicesprovide access to accessible exercise equipments, personalized workshop programs, and nutrition information to improve health and wellness for persons with disabilities. Through exercise, participants can improve their quality of life through the reduction of secondary conditions, such as skin sores, pain, and fatigue.

Reuse Equipment and Clinical Servicescollects, sanitizes, repairs and distributes pre-owned assistive technology devices at low cost. These devices include canes, crutches, walkers, manual and power wheelchairs, scooters, hospital beds, shower chairs, toilet seats, recreational devices, seating cushions, and back supports.All rescue devices have a 90 days guarantee and new batteries placed in powered devices have a one year guarantee. Expert and trained Programmers meet with participants to ensure safety, fit, positioning, and function using the mobility skills course. Experts provide instruction and training on device usage.

Wheelchair Repair Services provides evaluations and repairs for new and used devices by certified repair technicians. In addition to mobility devices, we also provide accessories, including axels, bearings, wheel locks, tires, batteries, joysticks, arm rests, leg rests, foot plates, cushions, covers, and growth modifications.

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Milestone empowers society to increase its independence through choice and opportunity for persons with disabilities.


Milestone will be a leader in advancing the independent Living Philosophy. We envision an integrated community in which persons with disabilities are valued and participate in all aspects of society.


WE BELIEVE in respect, integration, equal access, opportunities, self determination, informed choice and individual control for and by persons with disabilities. We believe in persons with disabilities having control of their own lives and any necessary supports or assistance. We believe in full diversity within Milestone, our programs and society at large, in terms of disability, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation and religion. We believe in personal commitment and action to shape the future of Milestone and the independent Living Movement. We believe in a work environment characterized by mutual respect, open communication, and team work. We believe in persons with disabilities taking a role in the policy and political decisions that impact their lives.