Community Services

Deaf Way’s mission is clear and effective communication in any situation. Our vision has been defined by our customers and deaf clients. Deaf Way interpreting and community services provide interpreting services, assistance, and resources to people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. The services are tailored to meet individual needs with a distinctive insight in deaf culture.

Sign Language Interpreting

Deaf Way interpreters are qualified to interpret any situation. Deaf Way is daily activity in official timings.

Community Services for the Deaf and Hard Hearing

A variety of services are offered to explore options for challenges and life changing experiences.

Services include:

Information and Referral
Independent Living Skills
Hearing Aid Devices provision
Personal Management
Communication Access

Youth Services

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialist coordinate information and referrals to families regarding a variety of resources to deaf children. Additionally, the specialist works with youth and their families on individual education plans and assists with the translation to independence after high school.

Continuing Education

Introductory Sign Language Classes
Deaf Culture
Skill Enrichment Training
All-Day Seminars
Personal Management
Communication Access

Sign Language Classes

Deaf Way provides sign language classes and communication development specialist services. Skills enrichment trainings are also available throughout the year.


Milestone empowers society to increase its independence through choice and opportunity for persons with disabilities.


Milestone will be a leader in advancing the independent Living Philosophy. We envision an integrated community in which persons with disabilities are valued and participate in all aspects of society.


WE BELIEVE in respect, integration, equal access, opportunities, self determination, informed choice and individual control for and by persons with disabilities. We believe in persons with disabilities having control of their own lives and any necessary supports or assistance. We believe in full diversity within Milestone, our programs and society at large, in terms of disability, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation and religion. We believe in personal commitment and action to shape the future of Milestone and the independent Living Movement. We believe in a work environment characterized by mutual respect, open communication, and team work. We believe in persons with disabilities taking a role in the policy and political decisions that impact their lives.