Milestone Society for the Special Persons was established in March 1993 by the Disabled persons to make them useful for their family as well as for the country. The society mainly focuses on Independent Living, Education, Barrier free society, Awareness Raising, capacity building , provision of basic facilities and normalizing the Disabled persons to become honorable citizens and asset of courage. Milestone provides a platform to improve the overall quality of life of the special persons regardless of their gender, creed, social and economic status.

Our mission is to make Milestone such an organization of Pakistan that should be able to excellent for serving special persons. We have committed ourselves to generate courage in our each member and polish their qualities so that they should not only be able to society as well as their families.

Milestone centers are providing services to disabled persons in general and severely disabled persons in particular like Peer-counseling, Attendant service and Equipment like Wheel chair, Catheters and White canes. Attendant service means providing assistance to severely disabled persons sheepishly hidden in the corners of their homes spending their lives in hopeless conditions. These centers invite such persons and provide them services mentioned above. It creates opportunity for them to the daily skill that helps them to get maximum independence in their daily lives